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Small Market Marketing
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Whether you call it small market, unmeasured, or rural radio, Gen Media Partners is the easiest and most efficient way to work with radio stations outside of metro areas.

With our decades of experience selling beyond the metro we offer resources and tools that no other company can provide.

GMP Does it all

BOOST your brand by turning on NON-METRO RADIO

Radio’s LOCAL TARGET-ABILITY is one of its best assets and we can recommend and work with stations defined by a county or a zip code. When you need to fill in your metro buys with qualified, targeted stations in areas that can be hard to reach, and harder to work with, we can do it all.

How it Works

Non-Metro Radio

GMP classifies markets as small or NON-METRO if they are outside of Nielsen’s defined audio MSAs.
There are ~3000 counties in the U.S. and Nielsen’s 253 rated metros are created by combining ~1000 of them

The remaining 2000 counties are considered NON-METRO and represent over 20% of the U.S. population!

Nielsen rates 248 Audio Metro Statistical Areas across the country . . .

These Metro Areas account for 80% of the U.S. Population.

Are you Missing 20% of your target?

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GMP BOOST RESEARCH marries Nielsen Radio County Coverage data and GMP’s independent broadcaster roster to help brands and agencies confirm the need for non-metro coverage.

EVERY COUNTY and Nielsen county cluster in the country is organized with population, MSA/DMA detail, metro spill analysis and station recommendations.

BOOST RESEARCH is an essential tool that confirms audio coverage quickly

We can take your store locations and produce precise and objective market analysis in minutes

We can easily (one order, one check) deliver the gray space where 20% of Americans live and work

We can compute 10 or 10K zip codes and send you market analysis and station recommendations for your locations in a blink!

Do you need to understand your locations and how to best plan for coverage, but don’t have the county names available? THAT’S WHERE WE COME IN!

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The Power of Small Market Radio


Non-metro areas are disproportionately GROWING compared to urban areas


We can recommend local stations down to the county or zip code


There are more than 11,000 commercial radio stations and we work with over half


Non-Metro GDP is in the BILLIONS


Consumers spend locally, so marketers must SPEND locally too.


Small market personalities are the ORIGINAL geotargeted, hyper local influencers

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Do you have clients with locations beyond the MSA?

 Do you want an efficient way to deliver a under used audience?

Are you looking for statewide or truly national coverage?

GMP BOOST Makes it Easy!

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