Explore the captivating secrets of North Platte, Nebraska in this engaging podcast episode. Olivia, a local broadcaster, shares her insights on what makes the community special, with a focus on the small market independent broadcasters that thrive in the area. Discover how North Platte has established a strong connection with its community and why it stands out among other towns in the USA. Join the conversation as Olivia sheds light on the challenges of being an unmeasured radio market and the importance of agency decision-makers understanding the unique flavor of the region. Get an inside look at the vibrant attractions and activities that make North Platte a must-visit destination, from tanking down the Platte River to experiencing the excitement of Nebraska Land Days. Learn about the exponential growth and development in North Platte, driven by industries such as agriculture, healthcare, and finance. Find inspiration in the story of North Platte’s employee-owned company and its unwavering dedication to clients and community.